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Device & Domain Naming

This section contains TTUnet domain and network naming standards. If you have questions about the standards contained herein, please contact the Director of Telecommunications.

  1. All computing systems connected to the network must comply with the following device and hostname requirements:
    1. The hostname of a computing system and/or device must be unique on the network.
    2. The hostname is the left-hand most portion of a fully-qualified Internet domain name; that which is to the left of the furthest left '.' (dot). Example: widget.ttu.edu - the hostname is widget.
    3. Hostnames must not be ambiguous or conflict with other services (Example:  "registrar" as a computer hostname could be mistaken for an official web site or application).
    4. Hostnames must not be profane, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate to the reputation of Texas Tech University.
    5. Windows, Mac, and Linux hostnames must be registered as an object in Active Directory.
  2. Authoritative Internet Domain Name Service (DNS) for the TTU.EDU domain is administered by Telecommunications for Texas Tech University's networks.
    1. DNS names are dynamically assigned to IP addresses in the form of "hostname.ttu.edu".
    2. DNS aliases are assigned to web sites according to the Web Site Naming Guidelines.
    3. Only the Texas Tech Telecommunications Department is allowed to operate DNS servers within Texas Tech University's networks. In order to assure proper network operation departments may not operate DNS servers.
    4. Only the Texas Tech University Telecommunications department is allowed to operate other types of name resolution servers. These types include, but are not limited to NBNS (WINS), H.323 Gatekeeper, mDNS (multi-cast DNS).
  3. The Director of Telecommunications has been authorized by the InterNIC to be the Domain Administrator for several Internet domains including, but not limited to the following domains -- TTU.EDU, TTU.NET, TEXASTECH.EDU, and TEXASTECH.ORG
    1. Subdomains under TTU.EDU, TTU.NET, TEXASTECH.EDU, and TEXASTECH.ORG will not be delegated.