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Web Site Naming Guidelines

The name of your web site is very important to you and the people accessing it. The sections below describe guidelines that are used to construct proper Internet DNS names which have consistency and are simple to publish. Web site names are actually aliases to host or server system names. More information about host and server names can be found in the DNS Naming Guidelines.

Official Departmental Web Sites



  • dept - 2-12 letter department designator

If questions arise as to whether the request for a departmental web site officially represents the department, the Assistant Director for Network Operations will discuss the matter with the appropriate Department Chair or Director.

Academic / Administrative Group Sites



  • group - 2-12 letter departmental group designator

Academic / Administrative groups are those entities which are permanent parts of an existing department. As such, they are registered as though they were a department. Web sites are named in this form only if they are recognized as large enough to warrant a "department" designation in the OU creation process. Examples of a "group" include official institutes, centers, academic units and service units.

Academic / Administrative Program Sites




  • dept - 2-12 letter departmental group designator
  • program - program name or mnemonic

Academic / Administrative programs are typically initiatives which may last from a few days to a few years, but do not have the status, permanence or identifiability of a department or departmental group.

Personal Web Sites



  • personal - mnemonic representing the individual
  • dept - 2-12 letter departmental group designator
  • personal -mnemonic representing the personal web page

The logistical overhead associated with administering DNS names for all the potential "personal" web sites prevents a separate name for each web page from being assigned. The above scheme allows the Webmasters of each departmental server to provide a URL for each individual who needs individual web pages or personal web servers. Up-to-date Web servers and browsers support a method of redirection which allows HTML to transparently send browsers from one web site to another.